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Six Trends in Commercial Office Space Design

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Office design is a critical component to attracting and retaining talent, and providing a productive work environment. When purchasing or leasing your next commercial real estate property, consider these trends:


Dynamic/Open Collaborative Areas

Millennials (soon to be the majority of working adults) are looking for unique spaces in which they can collaborate, work and socialize. Workplaces designed for flexibility (furniture that can be moved, space for meetings or individual work, power outlets for laptops) allow for more creativity, collaboration, and promotion of innovative ideas.


Bringing The Outdoors In

Connecting the built environment to the natural environment (‘biophilic design’) creates a sense of calm, focus, and energy has become popular in commercial buildings in recent years. From shopping malls to office buildings, this approach incorporates natural light, greenery, natural materials, and various visual and tactical connections with nature.



Using Smart Technology

Just as smart technology is playing a larger role in our homes, it’s also beginning to play a larger role in office spaces. Integrating Alexa or Google Home devices can help employees with a variety of tasks including ordering supplies, making lists, and scheduling appointments, as well as daily conveniences like turning on and off lights and controlling temperature. Other technology upgrades to consider include wireless charging ports, video conferencing, and data sharing.


Offering Private Workstations

Although open-concept offices have been on the rise in recent years, especially in tech or start-up companies, privacy is still an important part of a productive workplace. Solutions include meeting rooms and telephone booths that staff can freely use, or portable ‘office pods’, private office spaces that can be moved or adapted as your needs change.


Creating Home Sweet Home

Employees spend the majority of their waking hours at work so it makes sense to help them feel as comfortable as possible. By adding spaces like bars, games, TV rooms, or even casual seating areas and quiet rooms, many office spaces are starting to look and feel more like home.


Experience and Wellness-Driven Spaces

Company culture and values are an important part of employee satisfaction. Not surprisingly, workplaces that support employee physical and mental well-being are becoming more and more popular. This can include features from on-site gyms, yoga studios and bike rooms, to an espresso bar or access to massage or chiropractic services at work.


Find Your Perfect Space

Employee expectations of their workplace physical environment continue to evolve at a rapid pace so it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends. Whether you have a strong vision of the features you’d like to include in your office space, or want to know more about what other companies are doing, a RE/MAX commercial real estate agent is a great partner to help you find the perfect property for your business.

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